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We strive to make films with heart, humor and purpose. JP Media Works is an award winning multimedia company specializing in wedding, commercial and artistic film work.


Wedding videography  by Jordan Popowich

 Wedding Cinematography

by Jordan Popowich

It’s the little things that grab my attention.  From the smile on a father’s face as he walks his daughter down the aisle, to the tiny bee resting inside a floral bouquet.  Wedding cinematography is more than just filming a couple on their special day, but it’s about catching those details that are often overlooked.  Showing the life, the tradition, and the story of these two individuals coming together, and catching their special moments in a beautiful and cinematic way.

I've been filming weddings for a few years now and I can honestly say that it’s a true passion of mine.  Everything from the initial meeting with the couple, to the preparation of the final package, I love it all. To customize and create something that a family can enjoy forever, is both challenging and rewarding.

 I hope you will allow me to share in these moments with you, and help tell the story of your wedding day. 

- Jordan Popowich

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Engagement Stories

Before they walk down the aisle, couples share intimate moments, stories and anecdotes about their lives together and what they look forward to as they embark on this new chapter. What I love about doing engagement videos is that it gives me a chance to really get to know a couple beforehand. Not just their history, but what they're like as individuals.

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