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We strive to make films with heart, humor and purpose. JP Media Works is an award winning multimedia company specializing in wedding, commercial and artistic film work.

Theatre Promos

Jail Baby

My second time working with the brilliant people over at Sarasvati. This original play was inspired by our criminal justice system and focuses on incarcerated women. The satire combines parody with intense dramatic moments brought to life by some great local talent.  We were only able to use the two leads for the promo, Ashley Chartrand and Melanie Dean. They both represent the young and adult counterparts of the character Jasmine, who has been in and out of the system all her life. We shot this in The Asper Centre bathroom, with my Lumahalk LED as the only light source. To give the promo a bit more punch I added a jail cell in After Effects, with the sound of a crying baby echoing in the distance.  The reception for the play was fantastic and they even had a panel discussion with audience members and real women that have dealt with their own struggles within the justice system. Kudos Sarasvati! They always do thought provoking work.

Jordan Popowich’s elegantly shot footage nearly steals the show from the actors on stage.
— Joff Schmidt, CBC Manitoba Theatre reviewer


In 2012, I was able to help bring a play to life with Sarasvati's original production, Eden. The show called for the use of different video segments and large projection screens so my work started fairly early on in pre-production. The majority of the promo was shot in the old waterfront area where abandoned scrap metal and train parts have become an integral part of the landscape. The two female leads, Andrea Del Campo and Tracy Penner, play a young mother and daughter fighting for survival in this corrupt new world.  I wanted to focus on the uncertainty, the pain and inevitable boredom that their characters would face on a day to day basis. I also incorporated a few of the various dream sequences represented in the  show, preceded by Ophidian's address to the nation, done brilliantly by Kevin Anderson. 

My Mother's Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding

For this promo, we had the luxury of working outside the rehearsal hall and got a bit more creative with the concept.  We rounded up some friends to join us in the backyard of the directors home to simulate a wedding for the two women represented in the play. There wasn't enough footage to use for the length of the song, and so I figured it would be best to use online footage of different pride parades, same sex couples and political moments to help tell the story of gay marriage in Canada. This was an original play by David Hein and his wife Irene Sankoff,  based on David and his mother's life story. Luckily, both David and Irene were able to be a part of the Winnipeg debut, and It was a really fun, heartwarming production. A must see if you're in the Toronto area.

Altar Boyz

This was the first theatre promo I made using motion graphics instead of the actual actors. The production was short on time and this was the most feasible option. Believe it or not, the crowd jumping is  just my mom and I actin' a fool in the front lobby of our condo with nothing but a white wall in front of us. I don't know how the hell it worked, but that After Effects Keylight system is all sorts of incredible.


Spring Awakening

This was Winnipeg Studio Theatre's late winter production at the Tom Hendry Warehouse. We had less than 2 hours to shoot considering the cast was short on rehearsal time (which is usually the case I suppose). If you aren't familiar with the play, it deals with some heavier issues, including abuse, sexuality, suicide and abortion. Considering the play deals with so many different emotions and storylines, I figured that using the last part of the chorus to "Totally Fucked" would be more than appropriate.



 This was a really fun play written by Sharon Bajer, who was also the director "Eden".  It's the story of four women who are driven to murder after being betrayed by the same person...their therapist. It was another huge draw at the Winnipeg Fringe festival and the music alone rivals any Broadway production in my opinion. The tone of the play was a bit murder mystery-esque and you get a sense of that right after hearing the first few notes of the song "Kill the Therapist". Check out these bodacious beauties do their thing!

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

This was my first foray into theatre promo filmmaking, and was also my introduction to the wonderful Kayla Gordon. She's been at the helm of many hit stage productions over the years and has given me virtually every theatre job since then.  We shot the promo at the Asper Theatre for Performing Arts, and it was one of my first instances using After Effects motion tracker, to have the flipping text follow the different camera movements. The actors were superb and you might recognize some familiar faces throughout the rest of my work :)